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You need high value content, I can provide it to you because:

Research Accuracy

I write research backed information to enhance understanding

Time Management

I value time so I have learned to manage it well to deliver on time

Search Engine Optimization

I cannot ignore robots, no one can!


I create my writings to make content accessible

Bylined Content
  • I am named as the author together with a link to my website and byline.
  • I provide the content in Google Docs with standard formatting.
  • I give you the liberty with featured images.
Ghost Content
  • I produce high quality content that you can use with your byline but at a price! Yes, I charge more for ghost content.
  • I provide the content in Google Docs with standard formatting.
  • I give you the liberty with featured image.

I am Expert in:

Article Writing

–need formal articles in technical writing, say, on artificial intelligence, biomedicine, machine learning, deep learning, data science, etc.? I will create research driven, hyperlinked, SCO optimized, and authentically cited articles to educate and inform.

Web Content and Copy

Copy – yes, I know the difference! I will create content to make your website interactive, engaging, and informative. But when you need me to sell your brand to intensify sales, I will do web copy to add value to the text.

Product Review Writing

– goal is to make your product a go-to technology? I learn about the product to make the watertight case for your product. Keeping in mind the psychometrics of targeted audience, I create reviews to build credibility and dialogue

Sales Writing

– sales are stagnated? You need a call to action! I will write you a sales copy composed of singular focal point, engaging storytelling, purchase benefits, and exciting action.

White Paper

– need to generate reliability? I will create a powerful white paper for you. I will bring together research and expert knowledge in a persuasive manner to make you a thought leader.

Research Paper

– need to assess your content marketing strategy? Let me do a research paper for you! I will put forward recommendations backed by market research to improve your positioning

Product Description

– want to increase conversion? I will write your product description in a natural, audacious, and optimized manner to convert interest into purchase. I will write your technical product or service in human language.

Case Studies

– looking for substantial lead generation? I will conduct a case study to educate your target audience to build trust. I will turn a case study into a decision influencer!

Press Release Writing

– I make it a point to go in-depth with my press release writing. I write to create a successful press releases of futuristic technology by making it formulaic to attract media; catchy short headline, subject summary, and audience focus.


– have to circulate news but can’t take time out? Don’t worry, I will do it for you. I will write newsletters packed with useful but easy-to-understand technical information in short form that shout “read me NOW”.


– looking for an actionable sales page, shop page, or any other page? I will write you a persuasive copy to turn interest into action.

Blog Writing

– want to make your tech blog blow? Well, I am the one to do it. I will blog to your satisfaction and my heart’s content until we end up turning into an effective marketing toolkit for up and coming technologies.

Ghost Writing

– too sloughed in responsibilities to make time to write? Relax, I got you. Let me join forces to write for you as per your needs and timelines. I ghost write for famous people and I don’t tell about it. I can wear your brand personality to achieve goals.

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