Top Six Technologies to Dominate the 2020s

Sitwat Maroof     19th May 2020    

Command on technologies is essential to the way forward!

Let's do a quick rundown of the top six emerging technologies to get the basic understanding so as to develop leverage.

1.     5G

The fifth generation of mobile network technology is set to offer swifter and smarter wireless networking experience as a direct result of which there will be tremendous growth acceleration in existing industries and the creation of new industries. What makes it a technological break-through is its ability to act as a launchpad for futuristic innovations.

2.     Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Essentially, artificial intelligence (AI) is created when you make machines with an in-built ability to think, learn, and act like human beings. To be an AI system, it must replicate human thought and behavior functions. Second, an AI system must be capable of acting in an intelligent, rational, and ethical manner.

Another fascinating up-and-coming technology is machine learning which is basically a computer's form of self-learning by identifying patterns. The growing capability of computers to act cerebrally will revolutionize our way of life.

3.     Internet of Things (IoT)

After 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most dominant technological developments. In other words, the IoT is based on the ideation that all machines can be attached to the internet and to each other to bring about convergence between physical and digital dimensions. Today, IoT is redefining the business models and consumer behavior wherein data drives the market trend. For instance, IoT offers mine of information on consumer’s engagement with products based on their digital exchanges.

4.     Cloud and Edge Computing

Cloud computing – where data is kept on big centralized servers and called up through the internet which has given masses access to data and analytics. Cloud computing offers accessibility, reliability, scalability, cost-saving, and maintenance.

Edge computing – where data is handled on near the network edge (close to smart devices) via decentralized networking infrastructure.   For instance, smart homes, vehicles, phones, streaming services, etc., cannot afford the latency of cloud computing.

5.     Digital Twins

Just as the name implies, it is a digital version of a real system or object. On top of that, now the stunning technology of digital twins has reached to the stage of evolution where it can produce digital copies of whole cities. This technology enables us to carry out revisions and adaptations that would otherwise be costly or perilous in the real world without proper testing. The concept behind digital twins was first introduced by NASA as it created complete mockups on a mirror and diagnose the basis for space missions.

6.     Biotechnologies

It is expected of the field of medicine that it will treat sick people using the best technologies accessible. Some diseases are the product of genetic factors, infections, and unknown causes which lead to incremental poor health amongst communities. To be able to overcome that, it is of utmost importance to utilize the most advanced biotechnologies to make new illness control agents. It entails a combination of AI-assisted synthesis to produce new antimicrobials. However, it can also mean designing genetically engineered bodies to counter malaria or Lyme causing bodies.

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