Top 3 Highly Effective Ways of Attracting Online Traffic

Sitwat Maroof     19th May 2020    

Because, at the end of the day, it’s business! And, customers are the life force.

If you are a green digital entrepreneur trying to stimulate your online sales, you most likely are already in the know of a few tricks. If you do, you just got yourself into the right space to get to know more or if you don’t, you just got yourself into the idea-field of space to get to know not only basics but more! So, the following top 3 ways should get your creative juices flowing enough to get you started on the path of success.  

With a bit of luck, these techniques could get your venture going.

1.     Info-graphics

The tool of info-graphics is a powerful enabler of the sustainable brand as well as business awareness. According to a recent study, out of all processed data 90% is visual data that our brains process and remember. In this age of information overload, attracting traffic to convert into a customer base has become immensely difficult; data visualization is the key.

So, to grab the attention of your targeted audience use well designed but neat infographics. Because, frankly nobody has the time or an inclination - come to think of it – to go through long-form essays to get the basic information about the business. After all, we are visual creatures, therefore, we respond to eye-catching articles.

2.     Success by Association

First off, reach out to connect with key big shot players of your industry to get a quid pro quo deal, that is, high-value content for a high traffic link back. This will get your business search engine traffic together with the much needed direct clicks from your targeted audiences. Secondly, work to secure interviews with the industry leaders. Yes, it is that easy and you would be amazed at the response. This way you will be leveraging name recognition factor for credibility and traffic generation along with the value-added bonus of having your content shared around by some known entities which will expand your reach.

Also, there is a thing called “cross-promotion”! You should get together with more or less similar ideas or brands to establish non-competing zones to figure out cross-promotion techniques to make inroads into each other’s bases to increase organic reach and traffic. A win-win for all involved.  

3.     Go Full Social

It is wrong to say that Social Media is the King now. Social Media is not the King, it is the KINGMAKER. You only need to go full social for it to spread your message for you like a wildfire; Social Media makes you the King. Besides, it the only platform that allows you to conduct sustained marketing campaigns for free! But you must do your part to spike interest. To put it straight, it does not cut it anymore to produce good content and hang around waiting for it to catch on – you must take charge. To get social media to hype your business and give you traffic, you should use platforms like twitter to tempt engagement back to your website or use Google+ promotion to get your site in personalized search results – particularly effective for B2B zones.

To get organic and high-value traffic towards your digital venture, you need to trigger a talk around your business. When you give people an ability to have a say in any form, you engage potential customers. So, build a community to let people have an opinion about you and your business to unlock their interest in your business.

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Sitwat Maroof

Sitwat is a technical writer of significant expertise and experience. She has written on the subjects of futuristic technologies, web/software development, cloud computing, cyber-security, data science, amongst others. She assists clients to reach their targeted audiences successfully.

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