Technology is Smartly Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

Sitwat Maroof     19th May 2020    

Technology is not only containing but fighting off Coronavirus Pandemic!

Frantic efforts to curb the transmission of Corona Virus have replaced major international cities with phantom cities. Some nations have forward-thinking leadership, well-developed government planning, and deeply entrenched healthcare priority. While other nations are buckling down under the strain of global pandemic. We are witness to the fact that a virus is wreaking havoc on our healthcare systems, our economies, and our social cohesion. To fight back a fast-spreading contagion, the speed of affirmative action is vital. Today, it is of tremendous importance for all the tech firms to merge their expertise in response to the crisis of global nature in close collaboration with governments, INGOs, and healthcare providers.

Therefore, it is reassuring to know that increasingly tech firms and independent IT professionals are coming forward in a concerted manner to respond to people's needs in their time of greatest need.

Below is the quick overview of who is doing what:

1: Gazelle

Gazelle is an online retailer which belongs to EcoATM. The firm has donated more than 300 iPads from its inventory to the hospitals in order to assist with the telemedicine program, improve communications all round, and facilitate patients' contact with their quarantined loved ones. Gazelle chose iPads as a communication instrument with patients as a gap stop arrangement to reduce the burden on the supplies of the PPEs, gowns, masks, and face shields and to provide means to conduct telemedicine talks with the ICU specialists.

2: Google and Apple COVID-19 Collaboration

The two of the biggest tech giants are working together on new technology to assist the critical process of contact tracing and tracking of the COVID-19 at a global scale. The upcoming technology will provide government healthcare agencies, public and private hospitals, and other healthcare providers with accurate data and effective tools to alert people when they might have come in contact with the coronavirus. Google and Apple will be bringing out a wide-ranging solution that entails application programming interfaces (APIs) and operating system (OS) phasic technology. Both companies will harness their combined technical power to offer an in-depth solution to the countries across the world as a way to decelerate the COVID-19 spread and accelerate the process of normalcy.

3. The Cyber Security Front

In the times of global health emergencies, hospitals cannot be left at the mercy of miscreant hackers as the public in large numbers will die owing to the complete absence of medical assistance. About 500 cyber-security professionals from across the world have come together as CIT League to protect hospitals from ransomware and other forms of cyber threats.

These professionals are active on four fronts:

Ø They are searching for vulnerabilities in healthcare systems worldwide in order to bridge the security gap.

Ø They are fighting to contain the spread of COVID-19 in deeply sensitive global installations.

Ø They are neutralizing attacks on hospitals based on cyber intelligence.

Ø They are assisting in assaulted medical facilities to recover from cyber breaches and disruption.

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