Knowledge is the New Cash!

Sitwat Maroof     19th May 2020    

Yes, you heard it right! You can convert knowledge into cash.

Today, technology is at the heart of every sphere of human enterprise. Likewise, the adoption of technology is expanding in all areas of contemporary business operations. Over the last decade, the significance of knowledge has been accentuated by both scholars and consultants.

In the contemporary business environment, the value of knowledge management has increased tenfold. In this advanced age of information and technology, it is in the interest of your business to incorporate innovation to achieve a competitive advantage. With the corporate world embracing techno-economic shifts, it is essential to transform organizational information into a system of knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.  

Knowledge Management (KM) is a dynamic pivot for the businesses operating in the increasingly globalized markets. The recent statistics from the global corporate reportage show that the knowledge systems have already been utilized by more than 50% of the transnational conglomerates operating out of the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific region.

The triumph of KM systems in creating big money is a major signal for up and coming digital entrepreneurs to get tooled up with the right software. Because, business technologies provide management support in all dimensions of business operations and production, such as human resource, sales and marketing, maintenance, procurement, and distribution. So, you can literally develop knowledge into an asset to reach the top in your industry.

A well-rounded knowledge management software solution will enhance your business position in three ways: customer service, employee knowledge enablement, and information asset management.

To add value to the discussion above, let’s do a quick overview of the top three KM software solutions to get the picture.

1: KnowledgeOwl is a knowledge base and customer support software that can be customized to suit your needs. You can construct sites, document software, build knowledge bases, and so much more. What’s more, you can create your own resource to have everyone reading from the same page. On top of that, you can increase sales by writing, handling, and publishing FAQs for your app or site.

Being a customizable customer support software, it lets you run help sites backed by a strong knowledge base and stress-free interface to empower your customers.

2: BloomFire is a revolutionary knowledge management tool! It gives you the power to put all knowledge together in a secure manner to generate rapid knowledge flow. This offers edge to the businesses wherein they transform knowledge into a strategic asset to enhance overall performance. You can empower your teams – in particular, customer support teams – to function at an optimal level with easy and quick access to the firm's relevant knowledge pool. 

Bloomfire’s influential AI lets you competently manage your knowledge so that you can build upon meaningful insights, make smart business decisions, and effectively distribute key information with stakeholders.

3: RightAnswers is the place to go to create knowledge assets to streamline your business operations and teams. This platform enables your IT department to run the show seamlessly by knowing and sharing the key information. It turns your IT and customer support teams into more productive and efficient business units with an enhanced ability to swiftly deliver topnotch IT and customer support solutions.

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